Do I need a firmware update

Simple one. I have two WDC WD1002FAEX-00Z3A0 drives harvested from a PowerMac. Now repurposed as linux drives. HOW DO I STOP THEM from “spinning down” after 20 minutes and LOCKING my linux station, and wiping out any Windows work? Yeah I know how to access that in “disks” in linux, BUT it doesn’t do anything, it’s simply IGNORED!!! I’ve changed cables(they’re GREAT) installed new RAM modules, everything except a new box!
Do I need to flash these HDD’s for the work I want them to do? I ONLY want them to NEVER spin down!!! This will be the LAST ever WD ANYTHING I own if this can’t be resolved the way I WANT!!! NOT kidding!!! The Toshiba NEVER does this AND smokes that ass in transfer speeds as well.