Do I need a firmware update

Simple one. I have two WDC WD1002FAEX-00Z3A0 drives harvested from a PowerMac. Now repurposed as linux drives. HOW DO I STOP THEM from “spinning down” after 20 minutes and LOCKING my linux station, and wiping out any Windows work? Yeah I know how to access that in “disks” in linux, BUT it doesn’t do anything, it’s simply IGNORED!!! I’ve changed cables(they’re GREAT) installed new RAM modules, everything except a new box!
Do I need to flash these HDD’s for the work I want them to do? I ONLY want them to NEVER spin down!!! This will be the LAST ever WD ANYTHING I own if this can’t be resolved the way I WANT!!! NOT kidding!!! The Toshiba NEVER does this AND smokes that ass in transfer speeds as well.

Thats usually a power managment setting. In windows you just put the drives to max performance and never sleep. Usually there is no firmware updates and it rarely happens on HDD unless there is a common serious problem they need fix.

It’s fixed, I’ll post at the main body of the thread! Thanks for your time!

SCRATCH all of that! I LOVE my Sata6 drives! :slight_smile: :rocket:
Here’s what happened: The nForce controller chipset on my mainboard had been failing since I upticked overclocking to 50% above original specs on the mainboard. it had been overheating for a few weeks and I hadn’t put 2+2 together when I noticed an unusual oily odor on occasion while working at the terminal. The chipset anomalies had caused unusual issues with the drives NOT responding to the firmware settings for SmartDrv data and spin-down timings. LUCKILY, the drives are JUST fine after being abused like this(knock, knock on wood) unknowingly! Apologies to the fine folks at WD for the rant, and thanks for the responses, and your time and consideration on this matter. I will gladly eat this big bowl of crow and enjoy this new kick-ass 16 core workstation that runs DOUBLE the speed of the old one(first new one in 16 YEARS!)!