Do I need 2 separate email accounts - My Cloud & My Cloud Mirror?

I have 2 WD NAS drives, a single NAS and the Mirror NAS, what I would like to know is, I want to share both drives to a friend , does he need to have 2 separate email accounts ( one for each other ), I ask because I have sent him the ‘Invite’ email for both Drives, he has received said invites , has an account which he opened up with WD from the link sent from the Mirror, ( Now before I forget, the single NAS is OS3 the Mirror is OS5, so hence this question ).

The thing is when he received the link from the Single NAS , he can now see the share but he can’t get back to the Mirror ?

I believe if I remember correctly a friend I know who has similar set up did the same thing as me to another friend but they use 2 different email addresses, not sure if this is because of this little issue or that’s just the way they set up ?

Anyway does anyone have any ideas on the above problem ?

Hope I have made this clear enough for you, please do ask questions if need be.


My Cloud OS 3 and My Cloud OS 5 use two different cloud systems but you can use the same email address both for your friend. Both use but the redirects are different per device.

Ok thanks, I will let him know and see where , if any, he might be going wrong !