Do I have to use itunes to share music?

Do I have to use itunes to use the sharespace to stream music on my network?


Please see ANSWER ID2724 for more information on how to allow iTunes to stream music from an external ShareSpace. 

Well there two media severs built into the unit, but i think there another part to that question missing. Where are you trying to stream the music to?

Hi - also depends on what you are trying to stream to - so if you can help clarify that - then it will help to identify the recommended solution :slight_smile:

So you’ve got the internal iTunes service that you know about. Then you have the inbuilt Twonky Media server providing media streaming (music / video / images) to DLNA certified devices. It should also be able to stream to uPnP devices as well. Supported devices will be able to identify the Twonky / ShareSpace on your network and you’ll be able to access the media through simple to navigate menu structures.

Personally, one of my buying criteria was DLNA support - that Twonky Media server does very well - but that choice was because my primary viewing devices are DLNA based devices.

And … you also have standard file access to the network shares - so if your device supports file access over that medium - then it is another option for you.


I was using a windows computer and didn’t want to put iTunes on it.  when I set up the shares I was able to access my music.  I’m looking forward to getting more DLNA devices, though.