Do drives reformat when added to My Cloud EX2 Ultra

I have a My Cloud that landed in the dreaded eternal flashing blue light of death cycle. Its been flashing for a week, and as such, I have no access to the files or the dashboard. The 4 and 40 second resets didn’t work, and no one seems to have developed any other workable fix to that issue. So, now I am wondering if I could just shuck the drive, and toss it into an Ex2 Ultra and regain access to the files on the drive?

Questions that hopefully someone can help with:

  1. Will shucking MyCloud drive and placing it into an EX2 help me around the flashing blue light, or is the drive itself what is stuck in firmware update loop that causes the blue light flash?

  2. If the answer to the first question is that it will work, the second question is, can I load a drive full of files into a new Ex2 Ultra and access the files, or is reformatting of drives the automatic first step, negating any hope I had of saving the content on said drives?

I think it goes without saying, I am not a networking genius, so feel free to answer as if you are talking to a toddler with a meth problem.

Thanks in advance.


You can move drives from an EX2 to an EX2 ultra and keep the content. Don’t know if you can do this with a single bay MyCloud to a 2 bay MyCloud.