Do any of the WDTV models work with 4TB external drives yet?

I have 2 older WDTVs that I would like to upgrade so that I can use two 4TB USB drives.

Do any of the WDTV models work with 4TB external usb drives yet?

If not, does b-rad offer any mods to make 4TB external drives work with the wdtv ??



Though I have no first hand experience. Single 4TB drives should work.  Multi-drive USB enclosures may or may not.

Thanks Tony.   This sounds encouraging.

Does anyone know if a single 4TB Partition will work via USB connection on the 2010 model WD Live Plus ?

My preference would be to get the WDTV Live Plus because I like the GUI better than the 2011 model.

(You can still find sealed box WDTV Live Plus if you look)

Can anyone confirm?

Ok, so I heard on another forum that the 2009 Live and 2010 Live Plus both work with 4TB single partition usb drives when using the latest (and last) firmware update.

I have tried using 4TB Western digital My Book hard drive with 2012 model WD Live TV Plus it supports it, but when I play any movie with it it works fine for 15-20 mins. and then hangs… Can anybody help me in this issue.