Do all "Users" have access to my Public folder...?

I have a small ad agency. I would like to give my clients access to their own folder full of their logos and ads on My Cloud without giving them access to my entire Cloud.

It seems like this would be possible, but it also seems that when I create “Users”, they have full access to my Public folder on My Cloud (Public Access is grayed out, so I can’t change it).

Ideally, I would like each client’s Share to appear on their desktop so they can grab their logos and files whenever they want.

But is there a way to restrict my clients’ access to only one “Share” (Folder) on my Cloud? I don’t want my clients seeing all my family photos & videos in my Public folder…!

Thanks in advance!

there is no easy way to retrict or remove the public share.

I suggest not using it and moving your family files elseware. set proper permission on each share, assuming the clients only have access to 1 share they will see that and the empty public

OK, thank you… I appreciate it!


There is actually a workaround to make the public folder private please see my post

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