Do all of these have anything to do with WD Scorpio 60 GB SATA 5400 rpm. (OEM)?

WD Scorpio 60 GB SATA 5400 rpm. (OEM) was taken out of
Compaq Presario C304. The OS installed by OEM on this HD was Windows XP Home. The screen of Presario was damaged and the HD was taken out & stored for about 6 months, and was then wiped by EaseUS Partition Master & re-partitioned & check by HD Tune & then was put into Acer Aspire One D150-1Bb & installed on it sucessfully Windows XP Pro.

Now the problems:

  1. The start up is unusual. Right after a flash of Acer, about half a second, starts right away the scrolling marquee for about one minute, shows then the Welcome for about 20 seconds, and desktop shows up.

  2. Sometimes, the scrolling marquee stops about half way through.

  3. Safety programs can’t be installed (antivirus programs) or can’t run after installing ( such as Driver Booster and CCleaner and the like) or the PC crashes on running them.

  4. The PC doesn’t start any more after running Driver Booster which crashed half way through.

Do all of these have anything to do with the HDD (WD Scorpio 60 GB SATA 5400 rpm. (OEM))?




Hi just from that test with a maximum score of 1.8 MB/sec yes there is a problem that should be up around 100 MB/sec or near there. Check the sata connection and reseat it that may help. The hard drive since it was a branded OEM drive is under one year warranty from Compaq. Also the copy of HD Tune is very old I would not trust the report from it get the new 5.5 version run the check again and also look under the Health Tab that will show you the Smart info on the drive and any errors it may have.

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Thank you!

Have reseated the HD and  made sure that it was firm & stable.

The OS was re-installed and drivers fixed.

Have had the HD checked again by HD Tune V.5.50.

Would deeply appreciate you advices.




Hi well the drive did not get any better it still shows a maximum transfer of 1.8 MB/s  it should read 100 MB/s or so. Replace the sata cable and try again. When you post back open the Health tab and post a screen shot of that it will tell me if the drive is running error’s and also the screen shot of the benchmark results.

Thank you for the help!

“Replace the sata cable and try again.”
That’s too much work and not sure whether the part is availble since the Acer Aspire One was produced in 2008 or 2009.

“…and also the screen shot of the benchmark results.”
Where to find the “benchmark results” on the HDTune window or in My Compute C:\ ?

Here are some of the screen shots. See if they provide any useful info.




Hi yes sorry missed the laptop bit hehe. Well as you can see the smart data show’s reallocated sectors this means the drive is failing and will not get any better. Laptop drive’s take a beating with moving the laptop when it is running and other knocks that make the drive’s heads hit the platters. So it is time to replace the drive depending where you are they are not to expensive. I would suggest one of the WD black drive’s to replace it. Hope this helps and really it is not a big deal to change the drive just make sure you have your recovery disk’s and all will go well. Remember that drive is only a Sata 1.5 GB/s  drive so you can not use a Sata 6 GB/s drive in the system depending on the laptop Sata controller you should be able to get a Sata 3 GB/s drive to work. So this drive should work WD5000BPKT but have a look here if you want a smaller drive and you will see the Sata 3Gb/s listed.  

Thank you very much, Mr. Hammey!

I’ll take your professional advice and replace the hard drive.

Really appreciate.