Do all "My Books" use same OS?

My “My Book World” blue light has gone bad but I believe one of the drives are still good. I need to buy the cheapest “my book” housing that will read the drive.  Can all “My Books” format the drives the same? 

Not going to work, your best bet is to try Linux since the file system of the internal drives is EXT3, you could also Google a software that enables EXT3 access on your current operating system.

No, they do not, the MBW Blue ring and the White light  have different OS.

You might be able to buy the same enclosure and connect both drives, it should work, but this drives are notorious for been cranky.

I have been looking into the EXT3 readers for windows.  I found one by DiskInternals. One piece of missing information is the drive housing. Do I purchase any external USB drive housing that has the right drive hook-ups or does it need to be a specific type?