DNS Server error

I am trying to get connected to the internet so I can stream Netflix.  When I first got it, I connected it just fine wired.  Then, for some reason, it stopped working wired, so I hooked it up wireless.  Wireless has worked absolutely fine, except its too slow for streaming some large bitrate DVR shows, so I need it wired.  Now whenever I try and hook it up wired, it will always say DNS error when checking the connnection.

I have a linksys e2500 for a router and am using an old router for a switch.  I’ve tried moving the SMP from the switch to a router port.  I’ve tried setting a static ip, using 3 different dns server addresses (apparantly my isp issues the router 3 different dns ip’s so I tried them all), tried using googles dns servers, and putting the smp into a dmz through the router, all with no luck.  I also tried turning off the routers firewall as a last ditch effort.  It does connect to the lan (when checking connection it says ok for ip address) and I can see my media server, so that part is ok.  Workgroup and time setting on the SMP are correct.

I should mention that I have the most recent firmware, but this has happened since I purchased it.

Does anyone have any other ideas?  I can’t seem to think of anything else other than trying a different router.

Well, dunno if this will help anyone, but I reset the smp and used the router address for the dns server.  Now it seems to be working fine.  We’ll see how long this lasts.

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Well, based on past experience I wanted to wait to make sure that everything was ok before I marked this as solved.  No suprise, connection problems returned.  I’ve had nothing but problems with all 3 of my wd streamers (2 live plus, 1 smp) and wired connections.  However, with wireless connections, they are fine.  I’ll have to see if I can round up another router to try…

I don’t set a DNS anywhere, my router retrieves it automatically from my ISP and distributes it via DHCP to my clients. In case I do set static IPs, the clients’ DNS is set to the IP of the router and it just works.

Well, months of tearing my hair out, searching onliine forums, and changing settings, I got it fixed:  I used another router.  I replaced my linksys e2500 with an older (like 2004) linksys befsr41 wired router.  I now have absolutely 0 problems and the streamers are working like I never thought they could. 

Don’t get me wrong, the e2500 performed flawlessy as a wireless router, but sucked with wired connections.  But maybe others with problems should try another router sometimes instead of worrying about settings, ect.