DNS and Internet connection problem

I just got a WD TVLive and am trying to get it connected to my network and internet.  WD TVLive found my network and automatically connected to it.  But when I tried to connect to Yahoo or Netflix, it gave me an error message that no network connection was detected.  When I check the connection status, it said the IP address was correct, but the DNS address was incorrect.  I double checked the DNS address and compared it to my PC and they were both  Does anyone know why my TVLive box is saying the DNS address is incorrect?  Any help would be appreciated.

Try adding a different DNS number like or If that doesn’t work try pressing the reset button on the bottom side for 1 second.

Ive been having this issue also and read a number of different things to try.  Basically for myself and others it seems like an overheating problem.

Im using the wireless connection and did the following thing to resolve my problem…

Turn the device upside down!

It sounds stupid but I did all the firmware updates and router settings etc.

Since the ventilation is on the under side of the device, turn it upside down and the heat can more easily escape.

Are you sure that this is an overheating problem or more probable that by turning it upside down you are now getting a better WIFI signal to your player. For instance did you play a fan on it to see if that cured the problem.