DNLA Playback on Vizio TV with VIA

When trying to play files located on my WD Hub, I cannot get them to play fullscreen on my Vizio (M370SL) for some reason.  On my Vizio, when you select a file, it plays it as a thumbnail and then you press ‘ok’ to go fullscreen, but from the WD Hub, it will play fine, both audio and video, as a preview, but will not switch to fullscreen???  The same files work perfectly fine when located on a pc running Win7.

Is the DNLA server on my WD Live TV Hub the same as a windows 7 DNLA server?

I’m trying to replace my ‘media server’ pc with my WD.  My Seagate Theater+ plays and browses the WD just fine, it’s just this one TV, which is 99% there…Any suggestions??

Have you tried using different files?

What happens if instead of ok you hit play? 

I have this same issue.  If anybody has any ideas?

play button does nothing.  I have tried multiple files.  I am able to put the same file on my Windows 7 media server and it plays fine on the Vizio tv, when I try to play the same file on the WD Live TV Hub from the tv it plays in a thumbnail (complete with sound) and says press OK to go to Full Screen which does nothing when you press ok.  (the press ok goes to full screen when hitting the exact same file on the Windows 7 Meda Center PC)