DNLA - is it possible to edit ffmpeg-video-thumb.desc file in cgi-bin

Recently got the PR4100 as it uses Twonky for its DNLA and just a few months prior bought Twonky for my PC as I liked it and understood the config settings.

I guess its OK that the PR4100 Twonky config settings are not as robust as the full product, but I am having an issue with the generated Thumbnails. I have a mix of 16x9 and 4x3 content and on my Roku via the PC version of Twonky the thumbs look as expected - either full 16x9 or pillarboxed for the 4x3 content. But on the PR4100 all content is squished in from the sides and doesn’t look good.

Any suggestions on how to fix?

From the PC version of Twonky it was tweaking the ffmpeg-video-thumb.desc script. I don’t know linux all that well but was able to copy the .desc file to Public to see what the thumbnail settings are on the PR4100:

exec: ffmpeg_wrapper -loglevel quiet -ss $videothumbtime -i $infile -vframes 1 -y -f mjpeg -s $targetgeometry -aspect 1:1 $outfile

I read in another post to remove -s $targetgeometry -aspect 1:1 which might fix the issue.

I used WinSCP to connect and browse to the cgi-bin directory, but the file system is read-only so I can copy files from there but not to there.

Also looking in (via WinSCP) the thumbnail folder /mnt/HD/HD_a2/.twonkymedia/db/cache/images/ all thumbnails being created are 160x160 no matter the source content, 16x9 or 4x3, MP4 or MKV. That was not the case for the PC version of Twonky, which explains why everything looks squished - because at 160x160 it is. Not the correct aspect ratio for anything.

Has anyone updated the ffmpeg-video-thumb.desc file on their PR4100 or seen an issue like this?


You may find help for your problem if you post it in the Pro forum.


If no one answers, have you visited the Learning Center?