DMR (Marantz network player) gives 'media server-not authorized ' message for the WD sharespace


 I just bought Marantz network audio player,   (   )

It is a DLNA certified device. I have connected to my home network and it immediately saw my WD Sharespace 8TB as a media server but it gave a massage not authorized so I could not play the music from the sharespace.

In Marantz network player there is no option (or I could not find) to enter the password of the sharespace.

Is there any way to authorize my network player to play music from sharespace?


Configure Twonky on the SS to give access permissions to your media player.

Thank  you for your message thepizzamatrix,

I tried almost all the parameters, including permissions of twonky media, calling Marantz help center.   At the end I tried one of the basic option, I unplugged the router and marantz network player then turned off the SS.   I  turned them all again and the problem was solved.

I think this way can not be accepted as a solution…:smileyvery-happy: