DLNA works with streamer, even with power off!

This thing continues to impress me. When the power is turned off on the streamer, the unit goes into a “standby” mode, with only the ethernet lights blinking (I am not using WiFi). I was able to stream music right through to my amp, with Windows 7 “play to”. There is no video coming out of the streamer during this standby mode. Any USB external disk connected to the streamer, also is available on the network during standby. This is a very handy feature, as it allows for streaming without having to touch the WD remote!

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That’s a sweet discovery dude!! :smiley:

This is the same as the WDTV Hub. If you quickly press the power off button the unit will go into standby and the disc’s connected to the unit will be available on the network. If you press the power off button for approx 5 seconds the unit will be completely turned off.

Very nice Mike.  Thanks for the headsup