Dlna wd tv live


I have a WD TV LIVE, and I would like to send video from the WD to a BENQ projector via Wifi, Is there anyone that can guide me on how to do it?, what kind of device should I to connect?

Thank you all in advance

this is not really easy to do

the WD is a DNLA renderer, not a UPNP server

here’s an example thread the discusses this


it will be much easier if the benq projector can access cifs shares, the WD is able to share out attached drives using that protocol

Im not really sure this is possible. Which BenQ projector do you have? They have a product for their business models that allows you to push a presentation from a Windows machine via their application but  I cannot see that working at all. On the higher end (1500 and up) you can use WHDI (wireless HDMI) built in or USB dongle, but the SMP does not support this type of transmission (5ghz radio) output, so I am not clear on how you would get the SMP to talk to your BenQ. There are WHDI transmitters that convert HDMI signals but I have not used one and have no idea what it would work like connected to an SMP. I use a long well built HDMI cable from my SMP to my projector so I can guarantee the throughput I want. 

Love BenQ projectors though. Killer features for the price.


Thanks for the quick answer.

My projector is the Benq MS517. I was thinking about use some of this devices:



Is it not possible?

Okay, I now understand. That model does not have any onboard wireless. You are looking to buy a wireless HDMI transmitter and reciever. I have no experience in using these devices, but in theory the IOGear and a few others like it will take your HDMI output from the SMP, and transmit to the reciever that you insert in the HDMI input on your BenQ. WIll it work? It should, but depending on the distance and obstructions between the transmitter and receiver you may get a reduced quality of signal.

It is worth noting though, that the IOGear device has a pretty large receiver that you then need to connect via HDMI cable to the Projector, it’s not like a small dongle. Thus if you are ceiling mounting your projector, you will also need to mount the reciever device and cable them together. Seems like a lot of work, and you still end up with an HDMI cable connected to the Projector, as well as the receiver box. You must have your projector in a place that is really hard to get an HDMI cable connected to make this worth while.

Post back when you get it set up. I am sure a lot of us here would love to know how wireless HDMI works from an SMP to a Projector/TV. Especially with fast action sequences and gaming, projectors can have a lot of lag time as is, so will be interesting to see if you experience frame drops etc over this type of connection

Good luck