DLNA v Shared Media

I’m just setting up from scratch.  I have a machine running Windows XP as my dedicated storage for my media.

I can get Network Share “mode” working, but find it a fairly cumbersome way to scroll through media.

What are the benefits of using the Media Server methodology over the straight Networks share and which, if any, DLNA programs are the best to use?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  This is all new to me.

I used to have both ways set up when I first insatteld my WDTV Live.

After a couple of weeks now, I mostly use the DLNA.


DLNA provides me the quickest way to the prefered folders I use, which are, in my case, the shares Movies and TV-Shows.


None, up to now.



The only downside I see for DLNA is it does not recognize ISO containers.  All of my movies are ISO containers and when I use “Media Servers” it does not find them, but if I just use the “Network Shares” folder browser I can find & play them just fine.  You just need to organize them for easy access.  I think it is the DLNA protocol itself that does not handle  it.

So, what is the best app for DLNA? Is there something that’s preferred for windows 7?