I have a new My cloud 2x2To mirror, and most of the function are working except one: the DLNA function.
Actually it is partially working:
When the NAS is on my CASTLENET router (by wire) and when my computer is connecter by wire, everything works well, and I can see the NAS as a DLNA hardware.
But when my NAS is connected by wire on the router, and when my PC is connected on it by WIFI, then it does not work.
I have a SONY HIFI system (wifi), and when trying to see, I just discover the same problem. It is on the WIFI, so I can only see it when my PC is connected to Router inWIFI mode, but not in wire mode.

Then, the problem is more related to the ROUTER CASTLENET, which seems to block the DLNA between the wire network and the wifi network. I am working under Win 7.
In attachement soem printscreen of the main menus I have, to give some ideas.
Your help will be highly appreciated.

Dear All,
I found out the solution by playing with whatever was available.
In fact, the UPnP option must be disabled. I do not understand why…
But I am listening my NAS on my SONY now. :slightly_smiling:

Hello, thanks for sharing the solution to the issue you had, hopefully this will be useful for another user that might be having the same issue.