DLNA Twonky no longer seeing videos

My new WD 4TB myCloud is NO longer seeing the 74 DVDs in Public Share.
They are still there; Windows7 folder view confirms but Cloud settings - Media shows 0 content !!

Media Streaming  ON and Media Serving ON for shares
DLNA DB Rescan and Rebuild run in minutes, finding NOTHING

twonky : Videos: 0 Songs: 0 Photos: 0
twonky:  Activity Status:      Not streaming
twonky: Version: 7.2.9
WDMyCloud v04.01.03-421

The videos WERE found and streaming GREAT to TV for weeks UNTIL last FW update !!

I would greatly appreciate any and all assistance !!

Thank you !!!

Confirm that Media Serving is ON for the shares in which they’re stored.

By the way, DVDs?   Twonky doesn’t support DVDs – it’ll only serve the individual VOB files.

Yes, the “Media Serving” option is ON  for the Share with the DVD VOBs, and YES, the VOBs were all found/recognized and streamed to TV before last FW update to v04.01.03-421 2 weeks ago

There’s an old TV show called “The IT Crowd.”   

Famous line from the show:  “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

… meaning, try turning Media Serving OFF for the share, then re-enabling it.