DLNA transcoding

I got the WD MyBookLive to replace a seviio running on an aging PC that’s from around 2000 (it uses a Athlon XP running on Windows XP). So far, I have been disappointed, the DLNA server on MyBookLive is much worse than seviio, it can’t play a lot of the files becase it can’t transcode and you can’t fast forward without blowing up the blueray.

I notice that it is possible to upgrade he server from the DLNA with Twonky. Would the later version Twonky be sufficient to stream and transcode files? 


The real issue with the MBL in regards to Video transcoding is the CPU

It is just not powerfull enough for that task

a long time ago, I did some tests on it to see what the fps we be for a light encode

and if I was lucky it would get up to 5fps, which is not going to be watchable in real time

So basically even if I update to Twonky, it’s not going to be able to transcode anything useful?  So basically WD My Book Live’s cpu is worse than the Athlon XP cpu from 14 years ago? Transcoding appears to work on that box.

I think the issue is that the Sony Blueray has a rather limited number of format it an play off DLNA. 


The Athlon XP cpu and the “Applied Micro APM82181 1GHz” cpu in the the WD MBL are not even close

while yes its possible to get twonky to transcode, they dont officially support transcoding at present

but I wouldnt attempt it on the WD MBL, not worth the effort

It might be best to determine what the blueray player can and cannot play

and then once you know that, you can make a more informed desciscion

on what direction of products or formats you want to use for streaming