DLNA Thumbnails Stretched

I have a lot of 16:9 mp4 and mkv files (mp4 video still) but twonky seems to stretch the thumbnails on DLNA. Does anyone know a fix? I have tried Avia and BubbleUPNP on Android as well as the WebUI for Twonky on port 9000. All show the squished thumbnails. It seems like it tries to display the widescreen thumbnail at either 4:3 or 1:1

I should also note, the same videos get the correct widescreen thumbnail when using Plex on my pc.

Yipee I fixed it :smiley: For anyone else who cares, just navigate to /usr/local/twonky-media-7/cgi-bin/, make a backup of ffmpeg-video-thumb.desc, then edit this file and remove “-s $targetgeometry -aspect 1:1” from the exec line. Still doesn’t fix twonky’s web interface but I think someone good with CSS could fix if they need.

Edit: These instructions fixed the webui portion:  http://community.twonky.com/twonky/topics/twonky_server_show_thumbnail_art_scaled_instead_of_stretched

WD staff, PLEASE forward on my fix to be appied to your main build. You should not be generating thumbnails forced to 1:1 aspect ratio. If anything they should be cropped to 1:1 but I much prefer the native aspect ratio.

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Very nice! Thanks a lot!

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Glad I could help :] Also, I had to clear my cache on twonky for anyone having trouble after the initial .desc change.

Yes, it started working after I clicked on “rebuild” the DLNA database in the NAS admin.