Dlna super slow

How is your dlna streaming? Mine with the wireless net is totally slow and i can’t see flawlessy the video in my network.

And i can’t even move forward the video too much or it crash.

Is something that depends on the wireless netword or the speed of the wd my cloud ex2?

It’s slow because you are using wireless network. It runs very smoothly for me when I watch movies from my DLNA client (PS3) over a wired connection. You cannot expect a smooth experience with wireless…just not enough bandwidth for smoth video playback.

not even with a n wireless or even ac? 

No problems here, streaming 1080p content from ex2 dlna to ps3 or Samsung LED TV Smart Hub

NOTR82 wrote:

No problems here, streaming 1080p content from ex2 dlna to ps3 or Samsung LED TV Smart Hub

with cabled network or wifi?

both wifi

You viewing experience when streaming should be the same whether you are connected via wire or wirelessly as long as the client is not located too far away from your router. Check the wireless bars on the client, i.e. Smart TV.  Also, are you able to view for example Netflix, Hulu, etc without a problem? I have a Smart TV and a PS3 located a the same spot and I have the hardest time with the wireless connection on the TV, the PS3 on the other hand which is also connected via wireless never has a problem streaming.

The router with connected ex2 is 2 m distant from the stereo with dlna wireless.

So is not a problem of distance.

I think could be the b technology of the router that has not the necessary bitrate to play an hd movie.

Do you have a n or ac router wifi?

If you are running an old wireless ‘B’ router / client then you will not have sufficient bandwidth to deliver HD quality video. You need to upgrade to at least an ‘N’ capable router and client, but if you are going to spend the money to upgrade why wouldn’t you upgrade to wireless AC?  A wireless ‘AC’ router will be backwards compatilble with your ‘N’ or even older clients if properly setup.  Just dont forget that both sides of the link (Router and Client) need to support the speed you are looking to achieve.

Exactly…both ends need to support the standard to achieve the speed. PS3 released in '06 has the g standard…slower than even n…I used to get okay quality with Netflix but used to buffer frequently. But ever since I wired it up to my gigabit LAN, both Netflix and HD videos from other DLNA servers stream smoothly.

This article might be of interest to those interested in this thread…but do note, this article’s findings do not apply to PS3, which was a g device…this article is for N devices -> http://www.smallnetbuilder.com/wireless/wireless-features/32512-does-an-ac-router-improve-n-device-performance