DLNA strange issue after update

Hey guys,

Here is my problem.

Before updating to v.4, in the USB port of my MyCloud device i had a hub with 3 disks on it. 

one disk for movies, one disk for safepoint and one disk for general use. Everything was working very well with no problems at all

After updating i have noticed a strange problem. When i turn on Mycloud and connect first my movie disk everything is ok. in DLNA settings i get 


after i connect either safepoint hdd or the third hdd i lost the database from DLNA settings (the above database go to music:0 movie:0 and pictures:0) and i can’t play anything on my TV. any ideas?

Have you tried rebuild / rescan button?

yes of course. nothing found

It’s like “i don’t want 2 disks at the same time in the USB port”