DLNA, RTSP, RSS, say what?

Okay, I’m no expert when it comes to networking streams and feeds and whatever… I have managed, though, to set up media-fly with some RSS-video-feeds :slight_smile:

Well, There are some free really good tv-stations in Denmark, and they can also be accessed live and free on the internet via a RTSP - which I’ve now learned is a real-time-streaming-protocol :slight_smile:

Since my regular tv-signal is really, really lousy, I figured I would just access the live net-stream from the HUB (or from my Bravia flatscreen), and get a better result… But how the *BLEEEP* can I do this?? I am going nuts. Its free and it’s simple to access from a computer, but seems impossible from the HUB or the BRAVIA???

Is there any way to set up a DLNA-stream from my computer? (If that even makes sense) Or a way to send the stream thru my computer to the HUB or directly to the TV (it has wifi also) ? via a dlna-media-server or something. (I really dont know what I am saying here)

I thought I could simply do this thru mediafly but that seems a no go…

any help or comments is greatly appreciated !!


Hi there, here you have a basic tutorial to make your PC a DLNA server using WM11:


That one works for me, but you may need a different media server, which means a different co

Try to Google “DLNA server” :slight_smile:

Thx for you reply - “unfortunately” I am on mac, so this wont work for me…

I have Twonky-media-server  installed in os-x, so serving media stored on my computer is not a problem … the question is more specifically about how to serve a live stream to tv or hub… ???