Dlna picture playback performance


I currently own the wd tv live, and I’m considering to buy this one because of the hdmi-cec support. (I need it for stand-by pass-trough on my home-cinema).

The only thing I’m still wondering is the performance of picture playback over dlna. I want to use the WD to display pictures over dlna (controlled remotely). This works on the wd tv live, but is that slow that it’s just unusable. Does this one provide a better performance regarding this? How quick does it render a jpg file?


It is better, a bit faster,  but don’t expect a really big improvement.

Thanks for your fast reply.

Let’s home the improvement is enough to make is usable. My current experience is

* pictures over smb is somewhat ok (but don’t start skipping pictures, that’s slow)

* pictures over dlna is much slower, too slow to use it

* using as a dlna renderer and control it with my android phone. Just makes me want to throw the phone to the WD…