DLNA My Book Live -> Panasonic G20 plasma TV


I’m trying to stream AVI files from my My Book Live box to my G20 Panasonic TV, using DLNA.

I can see the mediaserver (the MBL) on my TV. I can browse all the files (photos, music, videos etc.).

Watching photos and listening to music works flawlessly. But when i play a video file the video plays for 3-10 sec. before stopping (the sound in the video file usually continues for about 5 sec. extra). After a few seconds (or sometimes half a minute) it tells me that i was unable to find the file. I’m guessing it has something to do with my network setup or the MBL is to slot to stream the file? Note that this is a file in SD quality/resolution. I haven’t tried with a HD file.

My setup is:

Both my TV and my MBL connected with cat5e cable directly to the switch build into the router.

Note that when i play an avi file on my MacBook Pro (13" 2011) over wifi it plays smooth (SD files). For HD files it also lags.

Any thoughts on this? Thanks.

Hi there, what if you try to stream using another media server other than the Twonky on the MBL or change the enconding settings?