DLNA Mediaserver: Database empty


after upgrading my MyBook Live 3TB from 02.32.05-144 to 02.41.05-034 and after this adding “WDMediaServerPatch.deb” my new DLNA Media Server does not recognize any media file any more.

Media Files ARE in public folder.

The public folder IS marked for media.

I started the building of the index again and again, also the “create new” option.

I restarted the device several times.

I tried activating the iTunes-Server, too (maybe they had a common database).

Nothing helps - no media is found.

I’m quite frustrated and will go back to Twonky.

Finally - maybe - I could solve the problem.

First I removed the “Media” attribute from the “public” share.

Then I restarted creating the database index in DLNA. (BTW: This was the first time, that the GUI showed up busy for more than 2 seconds).

Then - of course - DLNA still didn’t work.

Then I re-added the “Media” attribute to the public share and again

restarted creating the database index in DLNA.

The GUI showed up activity for about 10 seconds. After going to my WD drive I noticed, that the HD still was very busy - so the indexing was in progress in spite of there isn’t any light any more at the front and in spite of the GUI does not show any activity.

But after about ca. 5 minutes I could see the first pictures with “Bubble UPnP” on my android smartphone, and mp3 seems to work, too. Videos I could not check in this short time, but I’m hopeful that they will show up, too.

I’m sad, that the front-LED doesn’t lite any more after this update…

P.S.: Half an hour after these activities the HD still is under “heavy load” - so possibly the indexing takes a long time.

P.S.2: If this is the case, the WD software should show up a note about this instead of the 10 seconds animation in the GUI.

Now I updated my 2nd WD MyBook Live 3 TB:

This unit has no issues.

After upgrading I had to do nothing, only wait.

The LED at the front does work and blink and blink and blink… showing that indexing is in progress, and “Bubble UPnP” on my smartphone shows the first pics and plays the first mp3s via DLNA from the device.

Nice. :slight_smile: