DLNA Media Streaming and disabled thumbnails

I have SSH’d into the MyCloud and disabled the thumbnail creation. Will the DLNA media streaming function and other online sharing work properly without the thumbnails?

Hello, note that this type of modifications are not supported and can void the warranty, but maybe some of the other users can share their advice with you. 

Sorry for trolling the thread, I just think it’s very sad to see WD staff posting irrelevat posts regarding warranty (as the user states - it’s already done, so it would be too late for this kind of warnings) instead of providing relevant answers along with effective and fast user support.

Hi potepp, I think it is useful for any user to know what can void the warranty of any device regardless. I have seen several examples of users damaging their drives because of SSH access and unfortunately it is not possible to assist on cases like this one, because of this I encourage other users that might have some knowledge on this subject to participate.