DLNA Media Server questions

Hi – I’m a happy owner of a MBL 2TB and 3TB units, and last week I bought the 6TB MBL Duo. I like it a lot, especially the new DLNA Media Server, which I’m finding to be much more stable and reliable than Twonky.

I do have a couple of questions re DLNA Media Server:

  1. Is there a hidden control panel or some other means of tweaking the DLNA Media Server settings? For instance, I’d like to be able to exclude directories from the media DB on something less than Share granularity.

  2. Is there any way I could get DLNA Media Server installed on my MBL 3TB unit?



 for both its a no go.

but a post HERE makes it seem like the media server may get more robust and add some of the tweaks you speak of.

but we won’t know for sure til the update hits.

Thanks, Ripcord83! I’ll just cross my fingers and wait :slight_smile: