DLNA issues

I have two issues that I would like some feedback on regarding DLNA playback on a SONY Bravia TV:

  1. The DLNA player on the SONY does not seem to have a way to view only photo files from the Shared Pictures/Uploaded directory on the MyCloud.  It is also addng all picture type files from my Shared Music directory as well and organizing them in a way that does not seem to make any sense.
  2. The DLNA player does not play .MV4 files very well. I have an open question out to SONY on this issue, but I thought I would ask this question here as well.  The files will play but only for about 20 minutes and then stop and the set displays ‘Video File Can Not be Played’.  

Also, any information on how to configure the DLNA server in my cloud would be greatly appreciated.

Browse to the Twonky configuration screens the same way you browse to the Cloud’s Web UI, but at :9000 to the end of the name or IP.



Thank You.

This was very helpful.