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I’ve just picked up the DUO, and I must say the DLNA support for it is much better than the Twonky that was in my previous RMA’d 2TB Live…

However I have a couple of questions…

  1. How can I manipulate/add/delete folders within the DLNA service?  What I mean is, I don’t need all the “Genre”, “By Date”, “By Actor” etc.  I have no use for them.

  2. Anyone figure out how to play 1080p MKV files from it to a Samsung Smart TV?  Keeps saying its not supported, which was the same message I was getting with the Twonky 5.1.9 service on EVERY MKV (720p or 1080p), this new DLNA service only does that on the 1080p.

Thanks guys.

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1- You can’t, but for the DLNA setup options that you have available go to page 112 of the manual. 


2- I have seen that Samsung TV don’t work along so well with some media servers, just be sure to have the latest firmware update for the Samsung TV and the My Book. 

Right now the DUO does not have DLNA capability.  It never has had DLNA and we have been promised of a firmware update for month to address this issue.

  At this point I would not touch any of your other hardware until Western Digital makes their DUOs DLNA compliant.  Right now, they are not, and they are flasely advertising them as such.

  The latest update from Western Digital is that there will be an update to address DLNA by the middle of December 2012.

theos2 wrote:

Right now the DUO does not have DLNA capability.  It never has had DLNA 

That’s not true – it may appear that way to some users, though – if they have compatibility issues with the MBLD’s “Access DLNA” software.

Slight frustration in your response? lol

DLNA does work… its just minimal in its capabilities.  Mine works fine, just can’t do anything more than seeing directories on your TV (that you cannot change) and playing the files…

No thumbnails, Not "plex"esque at all… but it does work.

Now if only their customer support knew what they were doing when conversing with its customers about RMA issues, I’d say it was a good experience with WD.   Sadly, due to having to jump through hoops (even though I did exactly what was requested of me), this will be my last Western Digital product. (Have a WD TV Live HD, and other WD Hard drives as well).

I wish companies would understand that “support” is what keeps your customers with you… Not the amount of things you put in to a device.

Oh well… end of my Rant.

I guess it all depends on how you see it.  one could claim it works, but I have a higher standard of what a DLNA media server should be able to handle.

  For reference, here is an example of a competittors DLNA/Media server capabilities using Twonky.


Oh.  Ok, so if it doesn’t meet your standards, you tell everyone it doesn’t exist at all.


More to the point, the DLNA server *IS* DLNA compliant, as certified by the DLNA Licensing Group.



  For an honored contributor with so many written posts, you must not READ the forum often.

  Do a search for DLNA on the DUO forum and tell me how many different people have issues with this dveice working with just about any other DLNA device.  TVs, Xbox, PS3, Computers, Folder issues, File issues, you name it, and this device has excibited the issue for someone, somewhere.

  I don’t know who gave this device a DLNA sticker, but it really does not deserve it.  But then again there are many devices with “Works with Windows” stickers that don’t actually work together very well.  So don’t wave a little sticker in our faces as proof that this device meets anyone’s standards.  Certainly not mine or the many other on this forum that have posted about non-compliant DLNA behavior.

P.S.  Can you share what version of the firmware was used for this certification(is it what the consumer has access to today?), and why was this certification obtained MONTHS after the product was released?

BTW, here are the top 2 response to Live Duo, DLNA" on google:

1.  DLNA Issues: How o overcome DLNA issues

2.  How to hack the DUo and istall another DLNA manager

Don’t take my word for it, this is the rest of the consumers talking


theos2 wrote:



  For an honored contributor with so many written posts, you must not READ the forum often.

Wow.  Such harshness.  I only argued your charge that “the DUO does not have DLNA capability.  It never has had DLNA.”

You are wrong.

I stand corrected.

  yes, it appears that about a month(11/7/2012) ago the Duo Live received DLNA certification, although we do not know with which DLNA client, and if the one the consumer has in their hardware today matches the one it received certification with.

  I also pointed out that simply having a certification does not correlate to real world performance, as is the case with “Works with Windows 7” certification.

  And in conclusion, I am extremely frustrated with WD and their current business practices.