DLNA Disappeared!

Seems this is a common problem: upgrade to OS5 removed the DLNA option.
The commonly accepted solution is to install Twonky as a third party app, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to do that. The WD guide is thoroughly opaque.
All I need is a link to the correct app to download to my windows pc and I’m pretty sure I can go from there.
I did download the latest twonky version for windows but when I try to install this downloaded file onto the PR2100 I get a “Incompatible app package file” message when I try to install the app manually using the dashboard. so no doubt the windows version is the wrong one.
I cannot believe that WD have made such a monumental error in not including DLNA functionality as a native app!
All help gratefully appreciated.

WD has always used twonky and it has to be installed on your NAS, not on your Windows.
Just go to your Apps page on WD dashboard and install it


@DeanW The Twonky 3rd Party app has been removed from the My Cloud PR2100/PR4100 app store pending a bug fix by Twonky. Once the fix is applied and validated, a new version of the app will be posted and available for download.

Hi DeanW, may you find help here
cheers Thomas

Hi, If you wanted to directly download files to your Shares.
Enable ssh in the settings. and configure it. your username is sshd and the password you will set.
use any windows tool like putty or mobaxterm to login to your WD using your IP address and username and Password.
Then there is a command called wget

wget --no-check-certificate “URL of the music or video or file you want to download”