Dlna database and international characters


 I have a 3TB WD MBL that I am using as a multimedia server since a few weeks to stream flac files.  I would say that about 90% of the files appear correctly in the database. My main issue has to do with files that have non-ascii character (e.g. éèà).

For some reason, almost all of the files that have non-ascii character in the filename are not treated well in the database. I tried removing the non-ascii character in the filename and/or in the tag of the flac files but it does not work. It is really puzzling because some of the files are ok but most of them are not and I cannot find any clue as to what explains this. There muste be a reason.

I am wondering if anybody here has a clue. Also, if you have any hint toward taking care of this issue, I would be very glad because it is really a pain.

Also, I may add that all the non-working files are found under the “unknown” artist tag and I can listen to them no problem. It is just that the info about the artist somehow gets lost.

Again, thanks for any pointers.


S. Biner.


 Have you tried using a metadata editor to change the name? Also try rescanning or rebuilding the database after changing the file names. 

Check page  #114 of the User’s Manual



 thanks for the help but yes, I did the following tries :

  1. get rid of non-ascii in the filenames

  2. get rid of non-ascii in the FLAC tag with an editor

  3. rescan and reconstruct the database

I finally found that a lot of defective songs/album are in the “unknow” artist in artist/album category. All the songs with names or album or artist  (e.g. Sinéad O’connor)  with problematic names are there. Son an album has a few songs right under the artist and a few other under the “unknown” artist.  I get this from my cambridge audio stream magic sound 6, from its app and from another app (BubbleUpnp on android).

 I really do not know how to get rid of that problem. I know the files are there, it is when the database is built that the problem arises. Also, my CASM6 has no problem displaying the non-ascii characters …

Also, if I try to access the songs via the “folder” search category, I can see the songs with non-ascii character but they are showed in the wrong order, they are displayed first (with the xx track number I use to name my files) and then the songs that are in the database are showed. 

And finally, there is a song with non-ascii character that appears just at the right place for reason I do not understand.

I hope this all makes some sens somehow. 

In the meantime, I just wonder how the database is built and how I could modify my library accordingly.


S. Biner