DLNA Certified TV plays videos but not images or music

Hi all,

I have new DLNA Certified LG TV that sees Twonky on MBL without any problems and plays all video files. However, none of the image files or music files work. TV sees file names, thumbnails for images, but doesn’t display/play actual photos/music. Files are reported as 0 size.

I have tried all combinations of sharing options for Twonky enabled folders on MBL, all possible Jpegs, Mp3, Aac that I could imagine.

Same TV works fine for all media types (videos, images, music) with other DLNA servers that I’ve tried running on my home Mac like Servio or Elgato EyeConnect.

So, apparently it’s not network or TV issue, but some Twonky configuration issue, like unsupported DLNA renderer profile etc.

Does anybody have same issues or any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

Interesting…usually hear more about video files not playing versus jpegs and MP3 files.  Couple of things.  Are your MP3 and JPEG files all stored under the Public share?

Also make sure your firmware on your MyBookLive is updated to the latest 01.02.03.  Since the TV is DLNA certified there should be no settings or changes that needs to be done to the MyBookLive.  Just copy your media files into the Public share and your TV should be able to play it.  Give that a try and see what happens.