DLNA Audio only problem. Meaningful workaround

I tried to send videos to my WD Live using TwonkyBeam or TwonkyManager.

Both of this applications declare to be compatible with WD Live and any DLNA certified unit as WD Live is.

I discovered that this is absolutely true but WD live is not able to prove it.

When you send an unsolicited  video, it keeps on showing it’s menu and you can hear only the audio and the same thing, I know, happens with other Dlna sources.

That’s all, it simply doesn’t switch to play mode!!

Anybody can verify this using this simple sequence:

1- Start playing any video with WD Live

2- Pause it

3- Send a video to WD Live using TwonkyBeam, Windows 7 or …

Now you can sea your video, everything  works properly and you can play many videos in the right way

BUT  WD Live doesn’t know it !!

In fact, when idle time expires, it innocently goes to sleep and screen saver starts.

So, it’s a very pity because all is working behind the menu screen.

Thanks for the info.