DLNA and Denon receiver

I have a Denon 2213 AVR that plays many network media types.  It will do DLNA and I have played music from a DLNA Windows 7 PC on the Denon.

What I am wondering is whether the DLNA server on Mybook will work with the Denon receiver.  Will this server be accessible on the Denon interface?

I want to put my music on the hard drive and access it without booting up the PC.  So then I could in theory scroll through the media files on the Mybook from the Denon.

If someone reading this has done anything similar on a Denon or other DLNA capable receiver I would appreciate any experiences that you would like to share here.  I want to purchase a Mybook but won’t do it if I know in advance that  the DLNA will lead me down a blind alley.

I haven’t tried it from an AVR but if the receiver is DLNA compliant, you should have no issues whatsoever. You will even have a choice between which DLNA server you want to run on the MyBookLive. You can run Twonky by default or you can switch over to a WD DLNA server as well. I would stick with Twonky as it is more configureable.

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Does the Twonky server work well with ROKU?  And for anyone that has used it with ROKU does it play .flac files?