Dlink-shareport and Media server with subtitles

Hello you all

Anyone knows if new generations Routers that came with Shareport (can connect a USB storage to the router) is possible to setup the router to access to the HDD by Network Share in WDTV Live Plus?

I am asking this because with Media Server feature of my D-link DIR 868L i can see all videos through Media server option in WDTV but this option is seem to be that not support subtitles srt or other. Or there is a way to  support the subtitles?

For more information about my system:

  1. WD TV Live Plus. P/N WDBG3A0000NBK

  2. Firmware: 1.06.20L

  3. Router D-link AC 1750 DIR 868-L

  4. WDTV Live plus conected to Router via Ethernet

  5. USB 2.0 Storage connected to DIR 868L via USB Shareport.

Thank you for your time and help!

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You need to mux the subtitles into the files to make them visible over DLNA or connect via SMB/network shares instead.

Thank you,
Do you know a quick method/software to mux over mp4 files?

You could try DVBPortal MP4 Multiplexer as a GUI for MP4creator.

are those quick enough, remeber time ago that to mux a file with program take a long time.

Due to WDTVliveplus can read many medias, what could be the way quickly to mux subtitles…

example mp4+str=MKV

thank you…

Why not give it a try? And a remux is just that; since there’s no encoding done, it takes as long as copying over the file, especially if you copy from disk A to B.