Hi I am new to this forum but have read about other problems regarding DLGDIAG.EXE and have the same problem.

I have changed my BIOS settings to NO floppy drv and booted to the CD with the same outcome can anyone help with this as it seems others have not received a final conclusion to this problem.

Hi there!!

Another user discovered that this can happen if you’re using a SATA CD-ROM, as it seems the bootable disc doesn’t work with them.

Have you tried an older IDE CD-ROM drive?

Just to clarifiy I have downloaded the ISO and burned it to CD. I have checked the contents of both the ISO and CD to make sure both DLGDIAG and DLGLICE are on the CD any help with this would be great thanks 

But did you try an IDE drive? o.o

Many thanks for your reply I am going to try this right now. Would it not be advisable to perhaps include this in the download instructions for others to not fall fowl of this problem :frowning:

Floppy is disabled

Using IDE CD

Still getting DLGICE.txt Error

Frankly this is extremely unprofessional

I would expect more from a company of WD’s caliber

If you want to contact WD you can do it by email or phone  here.  

Hope you can get better assistance from them

Same problem here.

Asus motherboard with a SATA lite on DVD drive.

Trying to boot off the DOS ISO gives the following error:

Unable to locate the License Agreement file, DLGLICE.TXT!!!

Please make sure that the License Agreement file is located in the same path as DLGDIAG.EXE…

Does anyone from WD read these forums?

This is a WIDESPREAD problem.

Your utility is outdated and needs to be updated to work with SATA optical drives as well as BIOSes that do not support floppy drives.

I have tried contacting their support on this issue, but have little faith seeing that there are many posts about this issue dating back well over a year with no one getting an official resolution from WD other than saying that it won’t work and to buy an IDE optical drive.

If you do need to diagnose a dead drive in a newer system, try the ultimate boot CD which is free and includes the WDDIAG utility.


It’s ridiculous that a big corporation like Western Digital cannot release a version of their diagnostic software that works on newer systems that aren’t running Windows or Windows is inoperable due to a bad hard drive.

IDE is dead as a technology for the most part, as are floppy drives.

Please WD, get with the times…

If other people can make a bootable CD that works for your diagnoistic on newer systems surely you should be able to.

WD support’s official response is that their utility will not work on all system, which over time will be 100% of systems as people replace their computers with ones that come with SATA drives and don’t support floppy.