DLGLICE.TXT unable to locate License Agreement - EXPLAINED

Like many people, I was getting the following error when trying to run Data Lifeguard from a bootable CD made from the downloaded .ISO file:

Unable to locate License Agreement file, DLGLICE.TXT

Cannot load the file A:\COMMAND.COM

After a lengthy exchange with Western Digital tech support, I was told that the bootable CD doesn’t work with some SATA optical drives. I was stunned, but after testing it appears to be true.  The CD didn’t work in one of my PCs with a SATA optical drive (although bootable CDs of other programs all work fine), but on an older PC with an IDE drive Data Lifeguard worked fine.  That’s lame, since SATA drives have been the standard for quite a few years.  I’m sure SATA hard drives outsell IDE hard drives by a large margin, so why provide a diagnostic utility that’s so outdated it requires an IDE optical drive in order to run?

Anyway, I’m making this post becasue as I looked around the internet for solutions to this problem I found tons of people who didn’t know what was causing it and were wasting a lot of time trying (pointelssly)  to fix it.  Hopefully this post will help the next person who comes along so they don’t waste hours trying to solve an unsolvable problem. 

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Wow, thanks for sharing!

At least more people will know what to do to test their drives or to zero it from the old bootable disc :slight_smile:

Could you configure the SATA controller for legacy or IDE compatibility mode in your BIOS?