DLGDIAG5 on a flash drive?

I 'm attempting to zero out my VelociRaptors with DLGDIAG before re-installing Windows 7

My older motherboard booted DLGDIAG 5.04F from the CDROM as A:\ just fine.

I just upgraded to a Gigabyte G1.Assassin2 X79 motherboard that only boots to a flash drive or CDROM drive as C: 

The DLGDIAG 5.04F CDROM won’t boot with the newer motherboard…

“Starting Caldera DR-DOS”

“Can’t load BDOS Kernal file: A:\ IBMDOS.COM


I managed to make a bootable flash drive with a Windows 98SE computer. then copied DLGDIAG 5.2 to it.

When I boot  the Windows98SE flash drive and type DLGDIAG5, the computer just freezes with the hard drive light on. As mentioned, the flash drive is Drive C:  Have 2 VelociRaptor drives, normally C: and D: (CONFLICT!)

The flash drive needs to be A:\ for this to work but don’t know what I need to do next. Maybe Windows 98 SE won’t recognize the SATA Raptors anyways

There is no floppy drive (or floppy interface for that matter) on this system to boot from floppy.

I tried using DLGDIAG for Windows but it won’t let me zero out the Windows 7 C: drive, only the D: drive. Is there a hack to bypass the O/S zero out protection?

I’m out of ideas and would welcome any suggestions.


Hi I see you have not received a responce and since it is win 98 most people have never used it I will send you a pm that may help you. LOL well it seems I cant find the send pm option so please excuse the post of this link. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?&&&CODE=00  this board has a extensive win 98 section that should answer all your questions.