Is DLGDIAG to be run in DOS or Windows…?

Is there an ISO or IMG file containing a bootable for DOS…?

My C:\ drive is functioning but it will not pass the SHORT test running in WIN XP Pro…

I am having intermittent problems and need to reinstall XP… but would like to try and fix the disk first…

Will it repair a sector in Windows or does it need to be in DOS…?

Thanks in advance…


DLG has two version, one that you can use as a boot CD and the other that you can run from windows. If you cannot access Windows, use the boot version.


i would disagree.

the DOS version works perfect for my old Green drive and my New Black drive WD1002FAEX

but every single time i run either in the last numerous versions of Windows DLG,

i get Smart status is NOT available and limited functionality of the program compared to the DOS ver.

And luckily i am smarter than WD’s software or i probably would panick and start an RMA

because it always says Warning when i look at the properties on my current Black drive. (Green did tha too)

I have watched it like a hawk keeping tabs on Temp’s on my desktop 24/7 w/ Aida64 and and i have HDD sentinel running 24 hrs a day and i load up HDD Tune Pro ocasionaly and i know for a fact my drive is in flawless mint condition and have had no problems in any way. contrary to WinDLG stating my drive status is Warning !

this is not not new either… it’s a common and old problem.

try it but i would go for the DOS version too… the windows version is unreliable !