DL4100 Problem backup

Good morning,
My “MyCloud DL4100” doesn’t finish the backup .
I can not find a log that allows me to check the problem .
start the backup manually, but every time it locks.

Exactly what sort of back-up are you trying to perform? Internal, to USB or to another NAS?

What may be a good idea is to enable extended logging and then after the NAS reboots try perform the action that generates the problem. One the problem has happened again from within the UI generate a support case to WD. If yo so this within the DL4100’s UI it’ll collect all the logs and send them to WD support along with the details you give.

Thank you for your answer.
I have to copy to a USB support.
I restarted the nas and tried to back up but at some point the backup fails.
We find that we have seen in the log only the words "Backup failed. Please check your system settings.
Only the first backup is done in the right way .


Apologies of the questions I ask are daft, but it’s just trying to understand the situation.

  1. Do you have enough capacity on your external USB storage to hold all the data that’s being written to it.
  2. Is the drive formatted to FAT32 and if so what is the cluster size and/or are you writing any files to the drive that are larger than 4Gb?

The USB HDD has enough space to copy files to the NAS .
The USB HDD is formatted in FAT32 and partion is MBR.
The capacity of the NAS is 7.7TB and HDD USB is 4TB .
The data on the NAS are still below the size of the USB HDD

The cluster size is going to be huge. There will be a lot of lost storage space per file.

FAT32 has a particular limit. It is not possible to store a file that us greater than 4Gb in size on a FAT32 file-system irrespective of the size of the file-system. I’m trying to determine if any file being backed-up is greater than 4Gb in size.

I came across this a whle ago ansfor a short while it was a head scratcher. The result was to convert the file system from FAT32 to NTFS.

Good evening,
I formatted the external drive to NTFS and the first backup does not have problems .
From the second backup I am no longer able to perform any backup .
The files on the NAS are not large and anyway the first copy is successful

Good morning,

how can I try to fix it?
What can I do ?
Do you have any other suggestions or how to contact technical support ?

I’m going to have to think about this and try a few things on my NAS. How much data is being backed-up.

Got another question. Do you have any file names where the file names contain any uni-code characters? Some Linux utilities used to do copying and syncing have issues with this. Some of my thoughts and ideas are based on assumptions as I don’t know your full configuration.

I’ll try a similar set-up on mine.

Thank you for your support.
The only thing I would highlight is that this time the first backup was performed without problems , but from the second onwards and with the option to synchronize or copy you are unable to complete the backup

Good Evening,
the problem persists.
that other tests can I do to fix it?
There is a mail address of direct assistance can contact?

I’m still working on this.