DL4100 Not Booting

I was lucky enough to have a MyBook connected to the DL2100 via USB as a backup.
That way my data has not been lost.
I don’t think you can just read the disks by connecting them to your computer.
You can get your data back by putting them in a new device.
That way you stay tied to WD.
Smart seen from them.

Don’t expect too much from WD’s answer.
This is what i get back;

Support for MY CLOUD DL2100 has ended and is no longer covered under our software support lifecycle. You may continue to use your product and related applications. Software updates and technical support are no longer provided for MY CLOUD DL2100.

Exactly! I was thinking of connecting a SATA - USB adapter to the PC then installing a sw that allows you to read ext2 filesystems in windows and then copy the data from the WD drive to an external HDD

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It worked! My data has been copied to an external hdd. Question: Is there a way to perform a hard reset of the DL2100 configuration? is there any way to force / restore a configuration / firmware running?

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Another one bites the dust, same exact issue, we used parted magic, booted up with both raid 1 disks connected via usb dock and copying the data away. Needless to say we don’t do WD no more. Great help btw so many suggestions. Thanks for the help.

will parted magic work for raid 5?

Parted Magic worked for me. I had DL4100 with 4 TB driver raid 5. Was able to mount drives and using GRsync to move files to a QNAP NAS.


Iam joining the club of bricked WD DL4100 :sweat_smile: I was using it only for backup, but when the last weekly backup returned faulty, I have realized that this 4 year old expensive WD-BS is not worth. Also for this money I will make deacent PC for this job.

I’ve also joined the group.

I have 5x WD-DL4100 units. Since July 2020, I have lost 3 of the 5 units due to this issue. Only a matter of time before I lose the remaining two. After losing the 3rd unit with the exact same issue. I reached out to WD Support as I have purchased 9 various WD NAS Units including 5 DL-4100s, a PR-4100, EX4 and few others.

After a few email exchanges back and forth between WD Support, because the units were out of warranty they offered me a 20% off coupon to purchase another one from their online store. It wouldn’t even been as bad if they replaced one of the units with a PR-4100.

Given that I’ve invested well over $7000 in multiple hard drive equipped units, that were all destined to fail because of this hardware flaw, I decided to pull out the hard drives and pop them into 2 new QNAP 8 Bay Ryzen NAS units.

If the issue was unrelated to this, I would have accepted the problem. But knowing it is related to a design flaw, I highly doubt I’ll be buying any future WD NAS products in the future, nor will any of my associates after seeing the lack of support for this issue.

Best Regards

I have joined the club with bricked DL4100 units, it seems to be some other treads on the same subject. As I can assertain, its down the processor being of faulty kind and there is nothing to do and WD takes no responsability. I had bought this unit and with four WD red pro 8TB in the belief that my data was secure, since WD was a good manufacturer of harddrives and they probably was as trustworthy with their NAS equipment. I expect one drive to fail, doesn’t we all? Thats why we invented RAID, but to have the whole unit fail and with no recourse, that is totally unacceptable!! It was, for me at least, a profound breach of trust, and when WD doesn’t even help with their faulty units, the betrayal is complete.

I read what other members had done in this “WD.Brick”-club, so I installed an Ubuntu dist on a server I wasn’t using and was able to extract to another new NAS I just bought, but since it was over Ethernet, it took DAYS, not counting the hours to set the server up in a windows domain.

Since WD does take responsability, I can only use the little power I have this matter and that is to never buy another WD product again. So I bought a Eight bay Synology unit with some 18TB Seagate drives.

Could luck if you have a DL4100/DL2100 that still works and get a replacement NOW, before it also fails, but it is probably just a matter of time.

Another one in the club, with a DL2100 bricked and very dissappointed with the reliability of a suposely office class NAS. Moved to QNAP NAS which is widely available in my area but still struggling to mount the RAID 1 drives to recover data after a couple weeks.

Hi there,
My DL4100 doesn’t boot.
I have 4 disks = 16TB with fotos.
My question is. The data that I have is still there or not?

Yes it is probably there. It is stored in a RAID format that is recognized by a Linux system or another WD NAS, if you feel like buying another of those. I didn’t.

I went the Linux path and has got all my 24 TB safe on a Synology NAS now.

There is other treads on the subject on how you do it, but it demands that you are somewhat tech savvy.

Magnus, Sweden

Hi there,
Thanks for reply to me.
Tell me one thing. If I buy another NAS, like as a Synology, I just need to put the discs on the NAS and It will recognize and see all my datas or I need to path the discs first through Linux first?

I have them on RAID5


Well I’m not sure and after reading the posts in this forum, it wasn’t a path I even considerd. As I didn’t want to risk my data, so I went the linux route, which a proven route and it was in my wheelhouse anyway.
But I put the original four RAID5 disks in the Synology after I copied them to a RAID1 via the Linux machine and they wern’t immediatly recognized as an roaming RAID-array and it wanted my to create an new array with the four disks. I could have created an RAID5 array of an older technology, but I choose to use a newer technology with the disks.

The disks was organized as EXT3 by the DL4100, and the Synology offered EXT4 and Btrfs and I choose Btrfs, which seemed the better choise at the time.

Hi there, what if I buy another WdDL 4100 without the discs and then put it in RAID 5, and after put my discs. So you think it will recognize the discs?

Good afternoon,
What if I buy a EX4100 and put it with RAID5, and then put my WD Red discs. Can I access to the photos I have?

I think if you buy another similar WD NAS again, it will recognize the disk as a rouge array and you will be able to access them.

It is the easiest route and several other in the “brick club” has choosen this path. I did not, because I didn’t want reward WD for their substandard NAS.

If you search this forum more carefully, you will find the answers you are looking for. You aren’t the first and not the last with your problem.

Magnus, Sweden

Thanks for the answer.

Take care.

Regards from Portugal :wink: