DL4100 Not Booting

I was lucky enough to have a MyBook connected to the DL2100 via USB as a backup.
That way my data has not been lost.
I don’t think you can just read the disks by connecting them to your computer.
You can get your data back by putting them in a new device.
That way you stay tied to WD.
Smart seen from them.

Don’t expect too much from WD’s answer.
This is what i get back;

Support for MY CLOUD DL2100 has ended and is no longer covered under our software support lifecycle. You may continue to use your product and related applications. Software updates and technical support are no longer provided for MY CLOUD DL2100.

Exactly! I was thinking of connecting a SATA - USB adapter to the PC then installing a sw that allows you to read ext2 filesystems in windows and then copy the data from the WD drive to an external HDD

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It worked! My data has been copied to an external hdd. Question: Is there a way to perform a hard reset of the DL2100 configuration? is there any way to force / restore a configuration / firmware running?

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