DL4100 Network Connection Error 907

I try connecting with 4 different android phones and get network connections errors ranging from 904-907
And i have the latest version of the andoid app

Hi sferreira

please check if you are in the latest firmware version 2.10.310.
If yes, please log into the web UI, clicke settings and deactive / reactivate the Cloud connection once. May be an issue with the OAuth tokens. After reestablishing the Cloud connection, it should work without issues.

That’s hard to do from afar :slight_smile:

i am on the latest firmware and previously tried the deactivate and reactivate, but did just do it again and still the same error.

I had issues with this, especially if I did a system restore. On the apps I removed the entry for the NAS and made sure it was removed from the DL4100. I then re-added the DL4100 onto the app and it worked. Might be the same thing.

i tried that myron, but still no lck

Is the DL4100 showing it has a connection to the Internet, that cloud access is working and that your router is allowing outbound VPN connections.

it shows internet connectivity, cloud access says ready and as foir the router it is standard settings from when it came from the ISP with the exception of admin, wireless settings. And keep in mind that this was all working before updates to the android app and newest firmware

I’m also puzzled. I got a Legacy NAS, a My Cloud and a DL NAS. All the apps on all the gizmos I got can access all the NASs without issues inside and outside my LAN. Will have to think about this one.