DL4100 Network Acitivty Monitor not working

I’ve found on my DL4100 that the network activity monitor is not displaying any traffic - why is this?

What services are enabled? Is your unit’s sleep timer enabled at the time of testing?

I’m copying via SMB to a NAS and see no activity on this display. I’ve just found that a backup job between NAS will show activity. No sleep timer enabled at all.

Here’s a pic of what I see - the network activity shown by Windows Task Manager is me copying 1TB of files from one share on my DL4100 to another share on the same DL4100. Note the network activity on the DL4100 on the right is nothing…

the new firmware fixed that for me on my DL2100

^^ Let me say it kinda fixed it, but not reliability nor can I see the true network load on the NAS either from multiple sources, just the one the webpage is on.

Really, that’s a major shortcoming!

Nope - still broken :frowning:

same here BUT a quick look make me think the scale factor is off as the graph is always flat lined near the bottom ie 0.45 when it should be near 50MB/s

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Same here, not working. If it is a scaling bug, I wish they would fix it.

Nothing against WD per se, as I see this in so many networking products (even WD’s competitor’s products) today. It seems that computer hardware/software is rushed to market with Beta (Alpha sometimes?) versions with the internal wink-and-nod that they’ll just release new firmware “upgrades” as they go. Where is the Quality Control? Where is the internal testing? Some of these issues should have been resolved before the product was released.

In my industry (oilfield services), if we had such lack of QC, we wouldn’t still be in business. It’s amazing to me that such low QC standards are allowable in the computer industry.
[/end rant]