DL4100 enclosure repair

Like a few others have reported, my DL4100 enclosure failed recently. I was able to put the drives in a PR4100 enclosure and get everything up and running without issues.

Now I have a semi-redundant DL4100 drive that doesn’t work. It feels like it ought to be repairable, but I can’t find anyone who claims to be able to repair it (UK based). Does anyone know if these can be repaired, and if so by whom?

Just checking if you ever sorted a repair shop for your WD DL4100 - I have the same issue with two identical units.

I contacted WD directly to see whether could repair it. They couldn’t but as it was only just out of warranty they took it back to look at it on a “no promises but maybe we can do something”.

A week or so later i received a replacement enclosure, with a very nice bonus of 4 4TB red discs in it.