DL4100 drive failure site difficult to navigate

Just got DL4100 on Friday. Setup OK. Very quiet and then less than 24 hours old a RED 2TB drive fails. Strange log activity thinks I have removed drive 4. Not so Red LED on bay and WD site page links do not work. Nor does it accept my registered product Serial number despite having an email back from WD stating product number serial number and warranty expiration date.

Is the WD site not working properly? Do these RED drives have a habit of failing in such a short time? I thought they were supposed to be one of the best drives for the job.


I recommend you contact support directly for assistance with this issue.

Contact WD

Suggestions:  If any drive slot LEDs are glowing red you do have a problem, so turn unit off via power switch, release all drives from unit and reset them.  I found that standing unit on back side and gently lowering drives into slots got them lined up easily before re-seating and locking down drives.

Reboot, and give it plenty of time to settle down.  If all drive lights are now blue you may be fixed up, but if not, then return unit to factory defaults via Dashboard, and again, give it plenty of time to rebuild, reboot etc.  Do NOT turn off until it is done. or you will have to reset it again to defaults.

Thanks. I put in an RMA request but an ice age would melt quicker. Funny how easy it is to buy simething but registering a fault takes an age. I have also taken up with the retailer.

Thanks. I tried all of that. RED still has a red LED. Awaiting warranty reply from both supplier and WD

A replacement drive was shipped. Inserted. Sun up with the other 3 with blue flashing LEDS on all 4 drives then RED. Loged a call from the UK not realising UK support is dialling the US. Promised a Level 2 call but no reply as yet now 24 hours and waiting.

Decided to try a Factory reset to see if the drive gets recognised from start up. Taking forever as expected but seriously not happy with WD support or why even a replacement drive should erro out with 0208 in the same bay.

Surely this should not be in the too difficult box?

There are no instructions that I can find anywhere on the process for installing a replacement drive after a failure. Some very basic stuff on the interface but nothing covering what needs to happen in a serious case of hardware failure.

It’s always possible that the bay itself is bad…

Or the solution could be this?  :slight_smile:

DIY rubber stopper spacers (Small).jpg

Notice the DIY spacers between the drive door and the rubber spacer.

Just a suggestion and thought. Could it be that one or more of the rubber spacers are not the right dimensions?