DL2100 Warranty Issues


Let me start off by saying that I’ve used Western Digital products for years and have always recommended them. I recently had an issue with my DL2100 where a drive bay door latch broke. I just happened to look at the drive one day and the door was open and the drive was hanging out of the slot. It wasn’t a big deal as I could just remove the springs that push the drives out and all would be fine. I contacted Western Digital to see if there were parts available to fix it. I was told the drive was under warranty and to send it in. That’s where the problems start.

I asked if I needed to send it in with or without drives and was told to send everything. I didn’t have the original box so I packaged with SEVERAL layers of bubble wrap. They received the drive but the RMA status page said that they hadn’t. After a couple of emails they finally found my drive and said it was damaged and wasn’t under warranty. Said the front was damaged as well as the USB port. They sent the drive back and was badly packaged and without the power adapter. I wasn’t told to ship without the adapter. Anyway, the drive is NOT damaged. There is a small ding on the top left corner of the front panel and the USB port looks fine. I honestly don’t know if the ding was there when I shipped it but they shipped back the original box and it looks intact. I really think they just wanted a way out of warranty. I didn’t ask for warranty replacement anyway. I just wanted the drive bay doors. I’m not even sure if the drives are OK with the way they shipped it back. Long story short, I’m done with Western Digital. At least with their NAS packages.


That’s nothing new. I purchased Tea, Coffee and Sugar jars and they were just put in a box without any protection at all.