DL2100 - Upgrading HDD and recycle bin

Hello Everyone,

During the last 4 days I was busy upgrading my hdds after one of them started to show warnings. I immediately thought it would be easy to swap the HDDs as friends told me that it would be easy. I am just a novice guy with computers.

1.) HDDs - copy the propper way.

Before removing any HDD make sure you can copy your entire drive to another HDD because extracting the date off the old drives can be difficult. The target drive needs to be big enough.

Then install your HDD and copy the data back to your NAS.

What did I do and what does not work?
I swapped the broken drive 4TB drive with a 6TB drive. Then I waited the NAS doing its thing. Then I swapped the other drive and waited again. Once the copying was done the volume partition cannot be increased. The extra storage can only be assigned as spanning. Spanning is to my knowledge just regular space that is not in Raid 1.

I removed all drives from the NAS and connected the drives to the computer via a USB-Sata adapter (Be careful not all work, because you need one that has tyhe power to spin up de drives) and deleted the partitions on both 6TB drives. I wanted to format one of the 6TB drives for windows and the extract the data from the older 4tb drive that I put back into the NAS.

Anyway I made a mistake and put a 6tb and 4tb and the 6tb has overwritten the 4tb and basically lost all data.

I put both 6TB back into the drive to get them configureted as 6TB in Raid 1. Then I bought a software to recover lost Raid partitions. With that software and the 4tb HDD externally attached to the laptop, I could extract the data and copy it directly from the 4TB to the NAS.

The data I copied back onto the drive was without the recycle bin. I never could find the recycle bin of the NAS. I found it when using the extracting raid software. Because I have not found the recycle bin I had about 2TB unwanted files accumulated. A large upgrade was not required but now I cannot return the drives. Money senseless spent on WD.

Thank you so much for the hint.
But why can I not see the recycle bin as a map on the drive itself? Maybe I wanrt to recover something but it is not visible.

I am not an expert in this Cloud thing.

dashboard>settings>general is the bin

I do not see them listed as network shares in windows explorer

That works :slight_smile:

Thanks for responding.
Unfortunately, no recycle bin visible

Those are my recycle bin settings.



open windows explorer
windows key + E
in the address type \ (whatever the ip is of your Box) and press enter
you may also type \wdmyclouddl4100 whatever it might be

This is what I see and those are my only two shares.
And an overview what you can see when selecing that Network icon

no recycle bins


I will try tomorrow. it is late here.
I know that the SMB server might be disabled.
Thanks for your help so far.

Ok, I got it.
I entered the suggested adress and voila. The recycle bin becomes visbile.
I created as short on with in the mapped drive.

Man, I am really annoyed about this because I suddenly have 4 TB of starage left. Why is there no automation? The HDD are far to big for now. I maybe need to work more hahah.

Thank yo so much.

Merry Christmas to you

I only have one volume because I run 2 drives in Raid 1
Would I have more than 2 drives then I would have more volumes, is that correct?

I didn’t mean this automation. I was thinking about that the recycle bin would be automatically visible.that one would see it.

Data will grow over time. Since the DL2100 is already 4 years old, I need to consider a newer NAS in about 2 to 3 years. I would have rather spent money towards a new and maybe bigger NAS and not on HDDs that seem too big for now.
Anyway, I will see in 2 to 3 years what will happen. The new HDDs are much faster anyway which is a nice benefit for now.

yes just one volume with Raid 1 (2 drives)
The reason they do not show above is you are not at the root. You are displaying shares on the root/volume
the recycle bin is also a share “beside” what you have above, not under
again just type \wdmyclouddl2100 in the explore address bar or tap the windows key and type \wdmyclouddl2100 and press enter

Unfortunately, some terms are not common to me.
I was into computers in the 90’s now I am happy when everythings works :slight_smile:

Since yesterday, I am am getting the times the same drive?
Any clue? The only thing I did was creating a short cut and putting it into the root folder of Z drive.


W: and X: are duplicates of Z: you may right click and disconnect them.

you need to open explorer and type \ and press enter

If you want to map a letter to the recycle bin you may right click it


@Gramps It’s supposed to be:
… or …

@Ol-365 Forget about mapped drives. Access the NAS using a UNC path.

yea, i typed two whacks but only one showed up :slight_smile:
good catch, Thanks