DL2100 upgrade to Cloud OS 5 is faulty

I have failed to upgrade DL2100 Cloud OS 3 to Cloud OS 5, now it has a blue power light that blinks continuously and restarts for days I have contacted support but my DL2100 does not connect The network can’t see my IP so it can’t be done is there any way to restore it by USB please help me

Hi @chanhdien,

Updating the firmware of a My Cloud OS 5 device fails, The possible causes are:

  • The My Cloud Date and Time is not correct
  • The My Cloud Region and Time Zone is not correct
  • Incorrect firmware being used for the device model
  • Incompatible OS3 firmware being used
  • Internal hard drive failure or drive sector errors
  • Drive #1 in JBOD mode missing or failed
  • Drive #1 is 100% filled to capacity
  • Volume_1 is not located on /dev/HD/hda_2
  • Volume_1 is not mounted, missing or not present
  • Network or Connectivity Issue

Please refer to the following link to troubleshoot: My Cloud OS 5: Firmware Update Failed Message

Also, please refer to this KBA: How to Access a My Cloud When Connected Directly to a Computer