DL2100 shutting down, lights out, won't wake up

I recently got a DL2100, and have it set up with 2x3TB WD Red drives in RAID1. I’m using it as a simple network share for backing up files to the Public folder.

I updated to firmware 2.11.140 (latest as of today) when I set it up; original firmware was 1.06.118, which I didn’t test.

The problem is that it shuts down after a short time. All lights are out except the network LEDs on port1 (the only net connection in use), which are on and blinking. Power and both drive LEDs on the front are dark, and it doesn’t respond to pings or the web IP address. It doesn’t respond to a short press on the power button.

I can restart it by either holding the power button for 5 seconds to turn it off, then pressing power again, or by unplugging the power connection. After several minutes of startup, the power and drive lights are on solid and blue, the data’s all there, and it’s accessible.

After a few minutes, the power light starts blinking slowly (standby), and the drive management is still accessible by the IP address. After a few minutes more, all the LEDs go dark, and I have to power cycle.

Energy saver drive sleep is off, same when it’s on. The IP address has been changed from DHCP to fixed outside the DHCP pool, per an older post to address a similar issue. None of these make a difference.

I also have an EX2 that’s configured the same, as far as I can tell, but with older firmware, and it doesn’t have this problem.

Any suggestions? I’m thinking about downgrading to 2.11.133 from the support page, but wanted to make sure I’m not missing something simple.

Download the user manual from WD support. Read how to do a restore to defaults. I suggest the first level restore: System Only. Once it has booted back up and ready, you may need to just turn it off (front button) and back on again.

I have a DL2100 and it works fine with the current FW.

If you continue to have issues, then try the second level of restore.

Thanks for the input.

I tried the two restores; no difference. I also clicked Hibernate from the web page (what used to be Shut Down in the older software and in the manual), and it did the same thing after a minute or so - all dark, no response to the power button until I hold it down for 6 seconds, then another push starts it up again. Startup from Hibernate is faster, as it doesn’t seem to do the file integrity check it does when I restart it after it goes to sleep.

Any more ideas? Sounds like there may be a problem with this unit, since nobody else is having this issue. If the older software doesn’t help, I’ll contact support.

Agree, I suspect there is a problem, too. I would contact WD Support if it were me with this problem. After what you have tried, it should not take them long to determine what to do. Speak with Level 2 support.